Starting A Farm with Adam Klaus from Bella Family Farm

Are you considering starting a farm? Adam Starting A FarmKlaus from Bella Farm has some great, practical advice for you.

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Today Adam Klaus joins me to talk about the reality of starting a farm. Some of the main talking points are:

  • The diversity of Bella Farm is one of its greatest assets
  • How this diversity leads to a two-fold profit increase. First by lowering overhead expenses and second, how the products are raised on the farm in an integrated, beautiful way
  • The “myths” of starting a farm (it’s not all sunshine and lemonade)
  • Should you have an off farm job when embarking down this path?
  • Site selection. What to avoid and what to look for when selecting a property
  • Emotional Investment – Really great to hear Adam’s take on this, not many folks talking about this
  • Early planning on starting a small family farm and how it leads to success down the road
  • The reality of the communities perception of you and your farm
  • Adam’s marketing suggestions

About Bella Farm:

Bella Farm is a Biodynamic family farm. We milk Brown Swiss dairy cows for our raw milk herdshare program. We grow a market vegetable garden, a peach and apricot orchard, free range chickens, and a year round greenhouse of specialty crops.

Thanks Adam for your openness and honesty when it comes to starting a farm, especially starting a farm from scratch!

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