Biodynamic Agriculture with Stephen Storch

Biodynamic Agriculture the cosmos and The Vortex Brewer can’t be related, can they? Wrong.

biodynamic agriculture

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Stephen Storch manages an 90 acre organic farm in New York. He also runs Natural Science Organics and invented the Vortex Brewer. Today we discuss Biodynamic Agriculture, composting, how to make compost tea and making biodynamic preparations.

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Natural Science Organics has info on Stephen and Biodynamic Agriculture

The Vortex Brewer

My interview with Evan Folds on The Vortex BrewerScreen Shot 2013-09-01 at 1.12.07 PM

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  • sw

    I think you’re getting into some pseudoscience with the biodynamics and vortex stuff. Not to say it shouldn’t be explored, but it’s a step away from you bread and butter of ranching.

    • ChrisStelzer

      SW, thanks for the comment. I think it’s good to talk about this stuff, even though it’s “pseudoscience.” Not everything is provable by science, yet anyway. I like exploring and thinking about the relationship our farming practices might have with undefinable phenomenon and the cosmos. I think what we do here on earth effects the cosmos and vise versa, I had a great time with this convocation. Luckily Ag Isights is mostly concrete stuff! But, I’ll keep that in mind and not get too carried away.