Clarification on Membership Requirements

Alright I’ve had a few questions about the membership program today so I’m going to answer those questions here. Most interviews will still be free for 2 weeks. I will be doing exclusive members only interviews as well. You will also need a membership to access the recorded Webinars as the software/service for webinars is …

LIVE Webinar with Walt Davis

Walt Davis author of How to Not Go Broke Ranching Attend here: To attend the Walt Davis Webinar, come to this page at 7pm Central Time (11am AEST on Thursday the 22nd for you Australians). The webinar will be on this page. Or you can call in from a phone (see below). Walt Davis Ranch Walt’s …

Upgrading Comments

Hey everyone, I’m upgrading the comments to a new system that will be easier to use and more interactive. Expect to see comments return within 24 hours! Thanks for all of your support! -Chris

Trace Elements – Copper

Many livestock owners and just people in general can be skeptical about the role trace elements play in health. Trace elements are not only important for humans but for livestock as well. They are called trace elements for good reason. The human body is made up of the following: Elements Oxygen – 64% Carbon – …

Introducing “The Grazing Book”

You might have been aware that I’ve been working on a new eBook the past few months. Well, the time has finally come and it’s DONE! You can buy the grazing book by going here or clicking on the picture.