Biodynamic Agriculture with Stephen Storch

Biodynamic Agriculture the cosmos and The Vortex Brewer can’t be related, can they? Wrong.           Stephen Storch manages an 90 acre organic farm in New York. He also runs Natural Science Organics and invented the Vortex Brewer. Today we discuss Biodynamic Agriculture, composting, how to make compost tea and making biodynamic preparations. Learn …

Jim Elizondo on Silvopasture, Tropical Milking Cows and Free Choice Minerals


Tropical Milking Cows, Silvopasture and Free Choice Minerals with Jim Elizondo Join me today for an interview with experienced rancher Jim Elizondo. Jim originally raised beef cattle and milked a unique breed of tropical dairy cows on his ranches in Mexico. He now ranches in North Florida. Here are some pictures that will help illustrate …

Hugelkultur, What is it!?

                    Hugelkultur, What is it!? Today we talk about what a Hugelkultur bed is, why it’s awesome and how you can create one to increase the quality of your garden crops and decrease the need for labor and water. Resources mentioned on today’s show: Hugelkultur