Ranch Management and Ranching For Profit with Dave Pratt

What are the fundamental economics of your farm or

ranch business? Dave Pratt from Ranching for Profit

Ranching for Profit

Ranch Management

joins us to talk about Ranch Management.

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Dave Pratt joins us to talk about ranch management. There are very few people who understand the economics and finance of

ranching, lucky enough for us Dave is one of them!

Dave, who had a history of innovative research and teaching in his 15 years in the University of California Cooperative Extension Service, had been teaching Ranching for Profit Schools for Stan since 1992.  Today, Dave and Kathy run RMC from their office in Fairfield, California.  They have maintained the same high standards of teaching and continued the mission to empower clients to achieve their goals.

Ranch Management Consultants has held more than 150 Ranching For Profit Schools in the US and Canada over the past 28 years. There has been a continuous evolution in both course content and teaching procedure over that period.

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  • Paul Ely

    A penny saved is a TAX FREE penny earned. Dave gave an example where people would spend $250 to make $100. When we apply tax code things get worst. Say you pay 30% in taxes…then you must gross about $325 to take home $250…then you earn $100 but after taxes only make $70.

    Thanks for the podcasts…

    • ChrisStelzer

      I love Dave’s business sense in general and when you apply it to ranching/farming it really sheds light on how much money you are making or in most cases, losing. Thank you for listening!

  • Head Farm Steward


    Excellent podcast. I’m planning to listen to it again today and take notes. I especially liked (or feared) the notion that I have a pile of assets and a chore list rather than a business. Great stuff.

    • ChrisStelzer

      This is how serious we need to get with our businesses if we want to be successful. I want to try and get Dave back on the podcast.