Dee Lusby on Organic and Chemical Free Beekeeping

Dee Lusby has been keeping bees since she was five Organic Beekeepingyears old. She joins me today to talk chemical free and organic beekeeping.

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  • ChrisStelzer

    The parallel between the livestock industry (cattle, sheep, pigs etc) and bees was really eye opening for me!

    Same problems, different livestock, but it’s great to know Dee is doing great work educating people.

    Thanks Dee!

  • Layne Westover

    Knowing the serious problems there are in beekeeping with so many bees dying and all the chemicals and treatments some say are needed to keep bees alive, I would really hesitate to start keeping bees seriously, but then knowing that it can be done successfully and the bees survive using Dee’s organic small cell beekeeping methods gives me the confidence that I could be successful by following her example. Thanks Dee.