Dairy Farming Apprenticeships with Joe Tomandl

Joe Tomandl developed a great program for Dairy

dairy farming

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship

Farming Apprenticeships

Today’s guest joins us to talk about a formalized and accredited dairy farming apprenticeship program he started in the state of Wisconsin. Joe’s focus is on small-scale dairy farming and keeping family farms alive. We also talk about dairy farm equipment and dairy cattle breeds.

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Dairy Farming Apprenticeship

dairy farming

dairy farming

Dairy Farm Jobs

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  • Scott

    Thanks for doing this podcast! I hope they are successful in maintaining funding for this program and can expand it beyond WI. Small grass fed dairies are the best way to go!

    • Scott,

      Joe is doing a great service to this country and dairy farmers in particular. Hopefully this model can be expanded to other states.