Episode -013- Raising Chickens for Meat

Walt Davis






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Today we talk about the in’s and out’s of raising chickens for meat in a pasture-based setting. I discuss 4 different production methods. The methods covered are; Salatin-style (Polyface Farms), Eggmobile/portable chicken shelter, hoop house style on skids, and finally using electric fencing with two of the methods.

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  • Chuck Brown

    I enjoy listening to your podcast. I am a young homesteader and find agriculture interesting. Eventhough, I agree with much you have to say I disagreed with this podcast. A few things need to be taken into consideration when free ranging verses a Salatin style chicken pen. You said that the chicken stays in a brooder for 4 weeks, but he only has his in for twelve to fourteen days. What is the difference in keeping a chicken in brooder house then on the pature in a pen? With animal cruelty you have to consider even though a free range chicken has more room they also have less protection. What is more humane an animal being moved to fresh pasture everyday inside a pen, or being dismembered by an animal and eaten by the intestines first alive? If you mention you disagree with someone (Salatin) please know why he does what he does first.

    • Chuck,

      You bring up some good points, and thank you for commenting. I will keep in mind about lettin you know what salatin does before I disagree with him. Second, I think it would be more humane to have poultry free range with risking predator loss. You could even get a livestock guardian dog to keep watch over the chickens. Thanks again Chuck.