Keith Berns on Selecting and Planting Species for Cover Crops

Keith Berns from Green Cover Seed on the How, What

Cover Crops

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and Why of Using Cover Crops

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About Green Cover Seed:

Join me for an interview with Keith Berns from Green Cover Seed. We talk about types of cover crops (aka Green Manure), winter cover crops, buckwheat cover crop, rye cover crop, cover crops for clay soil and cover crop benefits. Keith is an expert on selecting the right species Cover Crops for you. We discuss how to get started in Cover Crops to advanced techniques like companion plantings which eliminate the need for fertilizer. You don’t want to miss this interview.

Green Cover Seed is your source for No-till Cover Crop Seed and Cover Crops Seed Mixes.  Our 2000+ acre farm in south central Nebraska has been 100% continuous no-till for over 12 years and we have been working hard for the last several years to research and incorporate cover crops into our no-till system.  We have researched cover crop water usage, cover crop nutrient content, and cover crop effect on following crops and our findings are both exciting and encouraging.  We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the unique opportunities cover crops can offer you to increase soil structure, organic matter, biological life, water infiltration rate, nutrient cycling, and wildlife.  

Thanks Keith for the great interview on Cover Crops!

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  • Paddy Reynolds

    Excellent podcast, Chris. Keith talked about using covercrops in between cash crops. As you may remember, I am using cocktail cover crops to restore a perennial pasture. 50 acre paddock that was routinely sprayed fout and then annually seeded with winter forage using no till. this practice inadvertently leeched virtually all sulphur and potassium. Organic matter was only 1.7. I am using cover crops to harness natures 4 ecosystems to build soil fertility and allow the paddock to self seed a perennial, bio diversified pasture. So I use a mixture of notill, definitely no herbicide, followed by managed grazing and animal impact. In 2012 I drilled a summer cover crop. This year I have put in a mixture of winter plants ( oats, cowpeas, arrow leaf clover, leafy radish , plantain and chicory) Can I suggest you try to get Colin Seis onto the podcast. Check him out on You tube. He built 50 cm topsoil no tilling cover crops into the prernnial pasture.

    • Paddy,

      Thank you for the recommendation. I think Colin would be a great guest to have on! I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast with Keith.