Jerry Brunetti on Cancer, Soil Fertility, Animal Health and Human Diet

Jerry Brunetti from Agri-Dynamics on Healthy Soils,

Jerry Brunetti

Jerry Brunetti

Animals and Humans. Food as Medicine

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Jerry Brunetti beating cancer with food

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Jerry Brunetti Bio:

In 1979, Jerry Brunetti founded Agri-Dynamics with a vision of providing a line of holistic animal remedies for farm livestock, equine and pets. After witnessing first-hand the devastating results of conventional, chemically dependent, grain-based rationed farming practices, Jerry embarked on a crusade to educate and consult for farmers who made the wise choice to transition to ecologically responsible and sustainable farming. Jerry works towards improving soil and crop quality, livestock performance and health on certified organic farms.

In 1999, Jerry was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and given as little as six months to live without aggressive chemotherapy. He instead chose a holistic path of nutrition, detoxification and immune modulation and applied his vast experience with farming and animal nutrition to his own health.

Jerry is a highly demanded lecturer and speaker, both nationally and internationally, on topics that include soil fertility, animal nutrition and livestock health. As a result of healing himself of a life threatening episode of cancer utilizing holistic modalities, he is often speaking to audiences about the relationship of “Food as Medicine” and “Farm as Farmacy.”

Thanks Jerry Brunetti for this fantastic interview! Also, be sure to check out Dynamin for Livestock.

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  • Greg Schwab

    Chris You have to finish . Your not done. That was good. Greg

    • Finish what Greg?

  • Greg Schwab

    This guy is good it was over to quick . I want to hear more that all. Greg

  • Paddy Reynolds

    WOW!! This guy is a walking encyclopaedia. I have attended some pretty high powered lectures on nutritional health, delivered by some really bright people. Jerry makes them look like mental midgets. It’s because his knowledge is holistic. Somewhere I read ” the components of any system cannot exist and cannot be understood except in their relationship to the whole” jerry demonstrates this perfectly. He understands soil biology( which we know is managed by the 4 ecosystems) :he understands animal nutrition and animal physiology, and the process of curing his illness helped him link these to human anatomy and physiology. As you said, at the end it felt like my brain had exploded and was in a brown paper bag. This talk needs to be studied. Is it possible to transcribe it? GREATPODCAST CHRIS

  • Paddy Reynolds

    I got so fired up by this talk, I forgot to mention a book. Percy Weston, an Australian farmer, died at the age of 103, having cured himself of cancer and twice curing his wife , once with breast cancer and once with uterine cancer. He was born to a farming family in 1903 and died in 2006. He lived life before superphosphate and then with it. He only wrote his book at age 96 because his family pleaded with him to document his findings. The book, “Cancer, cause and cure” reads like a “who done it” those who manufacture, supply and sell synthetic fertilisers do not want you to read this book. It’s only about 100 pages. Can be read in an afternoon. Books like Percy Weston’s and talks like Jerry’s reinforce the importance of what we are all trying to do. Keep up the good work Chris.