Greening the Desert using Holistic Management with Alejandro Carrillo

Alejandro has done what many dream of. He’s been Greening Greening the Desertthe Desert using Holistic Management and planned grazing.

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More info on Holistic Management and Greening the Desert:

Chihuahuan Desert Grassfed Beef – Includes pictures of Greening the Desert

Rodger Savory details his experiences with Holistic Management

About Alejandro’s Ranch:

The interested part of this effort is that we have been able to transform the desert into a grassland that provides habitat for wildlife and cattle, better place to work for employees, healthy food for people, a profitable and enjoyable business, plus we are able to capture more water from rainfalls and put more carbon into the soil.

Photos mentioned on the show, in order from 1-7:



















































Thank you Alejandro for sharing how Holistic Management has worked for you, your family and community.

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  • Graeme Hand

    Hi Chris, Excellent interview – Alejandro is doing fantastic stuff using the most powerful tool we have – perennial grass recovery. We see the same results in high rainfall areas where recovery is the focus. Graeme

    • ChrisStelzer

      Graeme, thanks for your comments. More often than not, people are dramatically changing landscapes in higher rainfall areas using planned holistic grazing. Thankfully Alejandro is doing it in the desert using the same principles but tweaking the actions to fit his environment.

      How is summer treating you down in Australia?

  • Joe McGuire

    What a wonderful interview. I love hearing the people who say MIG doesn’t work in extremely brittle environments. Alejandro is pushing the limits of land and livestock and I love it. I’m wondering if he is affiliated with Pharo genetics. Kit has used the last picture in his presentations.

    • ChrisStelzer

      Joe, yes he uses Pharo genetics.

  • Andrew Hope

    The increase in holistic management is showing results world wide, from brittle environments such as our Namibian ranch to temperate climates in Europe. Will it be possible to get an interview with Johann Zietsman on both high density grazing and composite cattle breeds?

    • ChrisStelzer

      Hey Andrew, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, HM has been doing wonderful things for ranchers for years. Now more people are starting to see the benefits.

      I have already interviewed Johan Zietsman. You’ll need a premium membership to access that interview because it’s archived now. The membership also includes over 100 interviews with experts just like Johan.

      You can find out more and sign up for a membership here:

  • Clint Walton

    Hi Chris,

    Really interesting interview. Did Alejandro spread any seed or was the increase in plant species from what was stored in the ground? Also, do you know what breed of cattle he had prior to introducing Pharo genetics?

    • ChrisStelzer

      Hey Clint,

      I don’t think Alejandro spread any seed. The seeds were already there in the seedbank, and his management made the conditions such that those seeds could germinate.

      I don’t know what his cattle were prior to genetics, must not have been that desirable if he switched. If you email me, Chris [at] I can try to get you into contact with Alejandro.