Cattle Handling and Stockmanship with Guy Glosson

Guy Glosson is a rancher and self proclaimed

Cattle handling

Guy Glosson

“student” when it comes to cattle handling and stockmanship.

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About Guy Glosson:

-Guy has 0ver 30 years managing ranches and land Holistically. Experience managing all classes of livestock. He is familiar with Bud Williams Cattle handling. He is also experienced with cattle handling layout for corral systems.

-Educator, Trainer, Consultant using Holistic Management as a tool for effect land and business management.

-Training offered through classes and workshops.

-Train people to handle animals without fear by offering workshops and personal coaching.

-My personal goal is to learn to improve the land resource while creating happy healthy atmosphere for families and employees with profits created from the resources available.

-I have a passion for nice horses and handling livestock without the use of fear.

Cattle handling and Stockmanship resources:

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