Holistic Management and Drought with Rodger Savory

Can Holistic Management eliminate or reduce


Rodger Savory

drought? Rodger Savory thinks that, yes, it can.

Rodger Savory is a Director of Savory Grassland Managment, offering consulting services to those wishing to improve their land, relationships, financial situation, and livestock. He is also an Associate Consultant with The Savory Institute. Rodger also believes that Managing Holistically can help reduce the severity of drought.

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  • Paddy Reynolds

    Hi Chris, I met Rodger at his dad’s seminar in Sydney last month. He was very quiet and dignified. I am amazed to hear his podcast which was out of this world. What a journey he has undertaken. What impressed me about Alan was his relaxed approach. Obviously very disciplined about certain aspects of management, like the filtering questions. Generally made me realise that nature works at its rate. All we need do is mimic nature. Roger helped me a lot with the ” kick start” or carpeting concept as well as it not being absolutely necessary for additives, if finances prohibit. Thanks.

    • ChrisStelzer

      Paddy I think Rodger gave a great interview and was very open. Glad he could help you out. What is some more information about Holistic Management you would like to hear in future interviews?