Introducing the Agricultural Insights Membership Program!!

Here’s the thing. I need to start earning money from what I do here at Agricultural Insights. Like you, I expect to be paid for the work I do. So, I needed to come up with a fair way to charge you to access all of the wonderful information on my site. What I came up with is a membership program that I feel is fair for both of us. Remember, you cannot get these interviews anywhere else! I hope you feel this program is fair as well. If not, please let me know.

Please listen to this short introduction that I made explaining the membership. This is how it works:

To summarize the membership program

  • The most recent two weeks of interviews will always be free. Anything older than two weeks will require a membership to access.
  • Until July 26th, 2013, memberships are only $7/month or $77/year. After that the membership rates will be $10/month or $100/year
  • You will get access to exclusive interviews only available to members and new features like a discussion forum and webinars will be added in the future.
  • You will be directly supporting the work I do here at Agricultural Insights

You can sign up for the membership program before the price increases by going here. 


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  • Sounds fair to me.

  • nunya

    sorry no thanks. i would advise you to ask for donations from people who actually use info from your podcasts to make a profit or save money so your info is actually helping them generate money first. but thanks for sharing until now. i enjoyed a few of the shows and will keep them in my archives.

  • Joe McGuire

    Have you considered taking on advertisers to keep the content open? The internet’s most basic premise the dissemination of open information. I think what you are doing is pushing the envelope and the speakers you are gathering are excellent, just not sure I need another $100 a year bill.

    • ChrisStelzer

      Yes, I have. I choose to keep my site relatively low with ads. Also, by charging members directly, I have more incentive to provide them with what they want, and not what an advertiser wants. Sorry you can’t afford the $100/year, I feel it’s a bargain right now and many other members have told me the same. Prices will be probably be going up in the future.