Post Kickstarter Funding With Rob Hohne of Truck and Barter Farms

Rob Hohne joins us to talk about the aftermath of his Urban Farmingsuccessful Kickstarter campaign

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About Rob’s Project:

If you drive around New Orleans you’ll notice that there are tons of vacant lots–especially in certain neighborhoods. So a few months back I thought it would be an awesome idea to turn one of them into a productive farm that could grow everything from micro greens to beets to okra. Well maybe not everything. But there is plenty that can be grown in the city, which actually presents several advantages over farming in a more rural environment. So after driving around the city, attempting to figure out who owns these various properties, I finally got in touch with a property owner who was excited about the project.

The lot will need some work to hook up water and repair some fencing, as well as some general cleanup. But it has some great shade as well as direct sunlight, and it’s in an absolutely perfect location.

So now we need your help to raise $10,000 to turn this lot into a functioning urban farm.

After connecting water and repairing the fence, we’ll need quite a bit more equipment as well. For this type of urban agriculture, it is essential that we have a reliable rototiller. We’ll also need a variety of farm tools, such as a garden seeder, rakes, a wheelbarrow, and other tools to maintain our crop beds. We’ll need a post-harvest area with a table and small shed, as well as some sort of refrigeration access–either on or offsite. For a basic irrigation system we’ll need hoses, drip tape, couplings, and sprinklers. Transporting the produce will require some sort of farm vehicle (mascot), bins, and farm stand tables and signage.

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