Management Intensive Grazing on Rangeland? Garl Germann Is Having Success

This interview goes deep into Garl Germann’s Rodear

Management Intensive Grazing


Initiative project where he is successfully grazing livestock on Rangeland using Management Intensive Grazing

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More info on The Rodear Initiative, Management Intensive Grazing and the Montana Meat Co:

Management Intensive Grazing was pioneered in Missouri. But, the drier Western United States still needs to be cared for. Garl Germann is using MIG out west and having success.

The Rodear Initiative – Management Intensive Grazing on Rangeland

Montana Meat Co.

About Montana Meat Co:

One thing we learned trying to raise, process, market, sell, and deliver our own beef over the years….it is hardly possible unless you’ve got 3 arms!

And so hatched the Montana Meat Collaborative- where producers can do what they do best, and we take care of the rest.

  • We process in a small, family owned butcher shop, Meat Montana, in the Madison Valley. This allows us to work closely with our butcher, and fulfill customers specialized requests.
  • Through the collaboration of a (growing) handful of family run farms and ranches we are able to offer something unique, high quality, pasture raised animals- born, raised, and processed in SouthWest Montana.  Our producers are committed to sustainably raising high quality animals, and preserving what was “Made in Montana” for Montanans.
  • By keeping all lines of production local, and due to the minimal transportation and shipping costs, we are able to offer lower prices for the consumer while providing premium prices for our producers.

Whether you are a chef needing tenderloin for the special menu, a mother needing roasts for the freezer, a butcher needing ground beef for the deli case, or a student eating a burger in the dining hall, we’ve got you covered.

Thanks to Garl for sharing his knowledge on using intensive grazing systems on Rangelands.

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