Attention: Ranching Professionals, who want to improve their Grazing Management and as a result, earn more money and have peace of mind...

17th of October 2017

Dear Ranching Professional,

Do you wish you could pick the brain of the most innovative and successful ranch managers? ...just to see how he approaches his grazing management? Do you wish he would take the time to explain why he makes certain decisions along the way?

GOOD news.

I have THE solution for you!

My new 8-disc audio CD set titled "Mastering Grazing Management"

I wonder if this has ever happened to you.

Someone sends you an article about grazing management. Maybe it's about a new technique like "Mob Grazing" or High Density Grazing....

But the content is unorganized and by the time you are done reading you are unsure of how you can actually use these ideas.

I know, this has happened to me too.

I would read book after book and article after article but I ended up more confused than when I started. FINALLY, I would just give up.

I remember talking to friends about how to improve my grazing management.

They would say "I don't know, trying grazing them at higher densities!" So I would go out and try it only to find out that it wasn't the right time of the year to be doing that.

Anyway, to make a LONG story short, I took matters into my own hands and found out exactly how to improve my grazing management.

Let me tell you about my new instructional series called "Mastering Grazing Management"

The Mastering Grazing Management 8-disc CD contains over 7 hours of in-depth interviews with today's most innovative and successful ranchers.

Here are just some of the topics covered:

  • Transitioning from a conventional grazing program
  • Weaning yourself off toxic and costly chemicals
  • Low-Input livestock genetics
  • The how, why and when of protein supplementation
  • How to run a successful stocker cattle operation
  • Explination of grazing recovery periods
  • A banker (and rancher) shares his secrets on debt and cash flow
  • Understand how to implement 'random events' to boost your forage prodcution
  • Get an overview of Holistic Management and success stories

In order to be a successful rancher or grazier you need to be flexible!

In fact I will help you improve your grazing management by 'picking the brain' of world-famous grazing experts.

You'll even have the option of listening to these interviews as often as you want in your home, on your computer or in the car.

Ok this is great! But what ranching and grazing expert interviews are included in 'Mastering Grazing Management'?

  • Jim Elizondo
  • Walt Davis
  • Gordon Hazard
  • Kirk Gadzia
  • Mark Hazard
  • Graeme Hand
  • Dick Richardson
  • Roger Savory

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you feel you haven’t learned an incredible amount of grazing management information, simply return the CD set within 30 days and get a full refund, no questions asked.

  • Over 7 hours of expert interviews
  • The entire 8-disc Mastering Grazing Management set shipped to my door
  • Improved Grazing Management
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