Nate Storey on Vertical Farming and Cold Weather Aquaponics

Nate Storey from Bright Agro Tech joins me to talk Vertical Farmingabout vertical farming and cold weather aquaponics

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About Bright Agro Tech and Nate Storey:

Bright Agrotech is the leader in vertical farming and gardening industry.We research, design, test, redesign and retest our high quality, American-made vertical growing products.Dr. Nate Storey and the Bright Agrotech team are committed to helping large commercial and small hobbyist growers alike grow more with less!We are passionate growing food for our local community in a sustainable, highly efficient manner and helping other farmers do the same and live better as a result.
We’ve seen the farms of our families, friends and neighbors suffer from drought and financial issues. We’re also all too familiar with our current centralized, fossil-fuel dependent food system and nutrient-deficient food it produces. These unsustainable farming practices give us a bleak picture of the future. One we’re not comfortable knowing our children will inherit.
That’s why we’re striving to create a better, brighter and healthier future. 
For our children and for the health of our country.
Everyone deserves healthy, nutritious food.We want to equip farmers with the tools necessary to grow higher quality food for the health of our communities.
A big thanks to Nate from Bright Agro Tech!
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