Navigating NRCS, USDA Funding and Keyline Design with Grant Schultz

Grant has navigated the maze of USDA, NRCS Keyline Designand FSA funding. He received $130k in 2013 to grow his business. He is also pioneering Keyline Design using new technology.

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Resources on Keyline Design, NRCS funding & USDA funding:

Versaland – GPS Keyline Design, Ecological Design, Permaculture and more

Free Money for Farmers

Permaculture and Keyline Design with Darren Doherty

Gabe Brown on Cover Crops & No-Till Farming

Permaculture and Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard

Advanced Farm and Homestead Design with Ben Falk Info:

May 22-26, 2014  ·  Memorial Day Weekend
VersaLand Farm, Iowa City, IA 52240
Every workshop participant receives a FREE autographed copy of The Resilient Farm and Homestead with course registration!

Are you SERIOUS about designing your farm or homestead for optimal use and enjoyment?

Advanced Farm and Homestead Design is a 5-day intensive workshop about creating awesome homesteads.  Lead  instructor Ben Falk is equal parts Landscape Architect, Builder, Designer, Author, and Homesteader.  For those familiar with his best-selling book The Resilient Farm and Homestead, this workshop will expand far beyond what the book can contain.   Every attendee will receive a FREE autographed copy of Ben’s book (You can make notes in the margins with all the real-world knowledge in this course)  Along with Ben, adjunct instructors include other leading practitioners, farmers, and do-ers, covering topics from fermentation to Keyline design.

This course presents advanced material well beyond a typical Permaculture Design Course (PDC), and is focused for those who will live with functional farm and homestead ecosystems.

This course is for those who want to live a resilient, rewarding life on their own abundant homesteads.  The Advanced Farmstead Design course teaches a broad scope of skills and concepts you MUST HAVE.

  •     Buildings Home and farm site selection, energy systems, construction, insulation, and building integration.
  •     Energy on and off grid from wood heat to solar, passive to active.
  •     Materials Evaluate building materials for your climate and geography – from timber to stone, modern to traditional.
  •     Water for landscapes, people, and livestock.  Plan and survey ponds, swales, and terraces.
  •     Infrastructure Roads, fencing, pipelines, and power.  Where, why, and how.
  •     Food Production Food, medicine, and fuel in a real-world production system.
  •     Keyline Design Hosted on-site of one of North America’s largest developing Keyline systems.
  •     Resiliency Learn the tools and techniques that cultivate self reliance, vibrant livelihoods, and resilient health.
  •     Food Preservation including fermenting, root cellaring, butchery, and drying.
  •     Health Medicinals, herbs, and food medicine, wildcrafted and cultivated health for you and your family.
  •     Polyculture Crops Silvopasture and agroforestry.  Fruit to nuts, apples to seaberries.
  •     Mushroom Production Inoculate logs for mushroom production – learn multiple systems of production (and how to generate your own spawn)
  •     Tools Resilient methods and tools for harvesting and building including chainsaw, axe, scythe, and more.
  •     Appropriate Technology from low tech to high tech.
  •     and more…

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About Versaland:

VersaLand develops code, systems, and machinery for sustainable farming systems.We share this knowledge via workshops you should attend.VersaLand is a 145-acre farm, laboratory, and homestead in Iowa City, Iowa.Nature is the model, creativity is the ethic.

Continuous improvement is our only constant.  We have no respect for the status quo. Constantly evaluating, developing, and delivering innovation is our business.Our Focus:Electric Farm Infrastructure
On/Off-Grid Electric Tractors, Independent Electricity Generation (Photovoltaic, Wind, and Micro-hydro)Perennial Field Crops
Food, Timber, and FuelNutraceuticals
Nature’s SuperfoodsAutomated Grazing Management
Healthy, Happy Animals = Healthy, Happy HumansThe future of humanity is based upon food.  We believe that enhancing natural systems via holistic management and appropriate technology is the key to creating sustainable fortunes.  Our management approach delivers resilient rewards while strengthening our natural biological environment.

Big thanks to Grant for helping us navigate the maze of NRCS funding, USDA funding and Keyline Design.

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  • Rich

    How “sustainable” is it to rely on a bunch of “free” money from the government?

    How am I supposed to compete against someone that is able to get all this “free” money for doing stuff that I’m already doing?

    Unless I’m mistaken, you’ve complained in the past about the subsidies and crop insurance that “conventional farmers” receive, and how all that money is destroying cropland because it encourages poor practices, so why didn’t you ask him if the same sort of unintended consequences might also happen due to all the grants and subsidies he is receiving?

    How does getting an inflow of $135,000 make a farm more profitable? Has the definition of profit changed? That $135,000 didn’t come from adding value to something or producing anything, it was redistributed, borrowed, or printed, that’s not the definition of profit.

    • ChrisStelzer

      I interview a lot of different people on my podcast. Do I agree 100% with everyone of them? NO.

      As a young person, getting into agriculture when your family has no Ag background is EXTREMELY difficult. That being said, would I do the exact same thing Grant has done? Probably not, but his information is valuable and he is taking advantage of the resources out there. I think he’s really smart for doing so. He is using that money to add long and short term value to his land in a variety of ways, all while earning a living.

      He’s not a Wall Street banker siphoning Trillions in printed money.

      You don’t have to agree with what he says/does. I welcome the fact that you voice your opinion.

  • MarvisxBranco

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