Episode -014- Processing Chickens

          Today I talk about processing or butchering chickens. I provide you with a step-by-step description of the entire process and equipment needed. Resources mentioned on today’s show: Featherman Pluckers Featherman Scalders Whizbang Chicken Plucker

Episode -013- Raising Chickens for Meat

          Today we talk about the in’s and out’s of raising chickens for meat in a pasture-based setting. I discuss 4 different production methods. The methods covered are; Salatin-style (Polyface Farms), Eggmobile/portable chicken shelter, hoop house style on skids, and finally using electric fencing with two of the methods.

Episode -011- Agriculture News and Articles

          Join me today as we discuss; farmers joining the Occupy Wall St. movement, how clean are bagged salads?, Pesticides go on trial, and another horrible story on Africa’s climate. Resources mentioned on today’s show: Farmers Join Occupy Wall St. How Clean are Bagged Salads? Pesticides go on Trial Hotter, Drier …

Hugelkultur, What is it!?

                    Hugelkultur, What is it!? Today we talk about what a Hugelkultur bed is, why it’s awesome and how you can create one to increase the quality of your garden crops and decrease the need for labor and water. Resources mentioned on today’s show: Hugelkultur