Permaculture & Agroforestry in Southern California with Kevin Muno

Kevin Muno of Montado Farms is attracting Agroforestryinvestors to fund his Permaculture and Agroforestry farm in San Diego

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About Kevin, Permaculture & Agroforestry and Montado Farms:

Montado Farms

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About Montado Farms:

Restoration Agriculture Farm
Montado Farms is a proposed Restoration Agriculture farm modeled after the oak savanna biome of the Mediterranean California climate. We will plant oaks and chestnuts representing the canopy layer and fagacea family, fruit trees and hazelnuts representing the medium tree and shrub layers and cane fruits, currants, and vines representing the final layer of our savanna based agricultural system. Vegetables will be grown and animals will be rotationally grazed through the alleyways of our farm, in between the trees, and these two crops will provide the early yields that will be crucial for short term debt repayment.

The trademarked Keyline Design system will be the mainframe design for our whole farm. We will take rainwater that naturally congregates in the valleys of our farm, and bring that water on a 1% slope back out to the ridges, which are naturally drier areas on any landscape. With this management system for passively harvesting rainwater, we can drought proof our farm, create new springs, recharge the groundwater, and prevent storm water runoff from polluting our oceans.

As our farm gets established, the costs required to run it and maintain it will go down, continuing to decrease as the system gets fully mature. Research has shown that our planting schemes and water management strategies will reduce farm costs overtime making the farm more profitable. By practicing Mark Shepard’s trademark S.T.U.N (sheer, total, utter, neglect) management practices, we will breed for more drought, fungus, disease resistant crops.

Montado Farms will also rely heavily on the work of Allan Savory and the Holistic Management framework. We believe that this decision making framework will be a huge part to our success both for our farm and wider community of San Diego. We look forward to sharing with you more about our vision for Montado Farms. Please like us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and watch our videos on Youtube to stay in touch with the latest activities and fundraising campaigns. We look forward to making this new model of agriculture a reality for San Diego and California agriculture.

Thanks Kevin, best of luck to you with Montado Farms and using Permaculture & Agroforestry to create a healthy, vibrant business!

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