Possibility of Changing from a Podcast to Blog

Hey Folks,

As some of you may know, I’m now doing an internship with Greg Judy in Missouri. I’ve only been here for 4 days and I’ve already learned so much! I’m looking forward to sharing this information with all of you over the next few months. The farm is in rural Missouri, so I don’t have a stable and high speed internet connection. I’m working on using my iPhone to emit a wireless signal to my laptop so I can access the internet on it. If I can do this, I will have internet access but it won’t be that fast. Because of this, I was considering changing from an audio Podcast to a written blog. What do you all think about me doing this? I will try to post video/audio when I can, because I believe some people learn best when they can see/hear someone else explain it to me.


Please let me know what your opinions are on this topic in the comments section below this post.


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  • Bobby

    I think mixing it up betwwen podcasts and blog is a great idea. Expecally if you do not have as much time. Can wait to hear your new insights during your time on the Judy Farm!

    • Thanks Bobby,

      I will try to include some Podcasts with the blog post that I put out. I’ve got to adapt to the situation that I’m in, and right now that means writing blog posts for the majority of the content that I share with you all. Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to discussing topics with you in the future.

  • that is super kewl .. any way you can share your learning is awesome, really glad for your opportunity !

    • BGA,

      Thanks for your nice comments. It’s motivating when my listeners/readers let me know that they like the stuff I’m putting out.

      Take care,


  • Hey Chris, new to your blog, and you’re doing a great job. Maybe mix up the content and media of your posts like you’re doing between podcasts, texts, and video. Photos also add a lot. I always suggest that a post isn’t complete without a photo!

    • Ryan,
      Thanks for your suggestions, it sounds like you all would like me to mix up the content between video, audio and text. I will also take your suggestion about photos to heart. I agree with you on that one.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!