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The Grazing Book

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  • Learn how grass and other forages grow
  • How to feed less or no hay
  • Monitor for animal health and performance
  • Physically manage grazing on large or small acreage
  • Effectively use portable electric fencing
  • Understand the difference between Mob Grazing and other grazing styles
  • Learn to read the body language of livestock
  • The How, What and Why of free choice minerals

I’ve spent the past 2 years of my life learning from the most innovative ranchers in the world. I did an internship with Greg Judy in Missouri and then went to South Africa to do another internship with Ian Mitchell-Innes. Both of these ranchers are experienced high density graziers and always experimenting. I share everything I learned during this time with you in The Grazing Book.

The Grazing Book Audiobook

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Take The Grazing Book with you anywhere! Instant download means you can listen in the truck, while doing chores or at home on any device.

The Grazing Book Bundle

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Get your own copy of both The Grazing Book eBook and The Grazing Book Audiobook.

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Portable Electric Fencing Guide DVD

(Digital Copy also available)

Frustrated with or don’t know how to correctly use Portable Electric Fence?

I was too. That's why I created this hands-on guide.

You'll Learn:

  • Overview of Electric Fencing Tools
  • Correctly Loading an Electric Fencing Reel
  • Proper Fencing Setup
  • How to use Step-In & Pigtail Posts
  • Keys to Fast Take Down
  • Special Tips, Tricks and Knots
  • Buying Guide

Available in DVD & Digital Format


Audio CDs

Mastering Grazing Management 8-Disc Set

This 8-Disc Audio CD Set Contains Interviews With the Top Grazing Managers in the World:

  • Jim Elizondo
  • Walt Davis
  • Kirk Gadzia
  • Gordon Hazard
  • Graeme Hand
  • Mark Hazard
  • Dick Richardson
  • Rodger Savory
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