Raising Money for Cheese Making using Kickstarter with Lucas Sjostrom

Lucas and Alise Sjostrom decided to use Kickstarter to cheese makingfund their cheese making business

More info on Redhead Creamery, their Kickstarter campaign and cheese making:

Redhead Creamery – Including cheese making

Redhead Creamery Kickstarter Page

Redhead Creamery Facebook Page

About Redhead Creamery:

We want to make great cheese right on our farm. Help support us to make our dream a reality!

Jer-Lindy Farms is home to 160 cows and 4 redheaded daughters, thus the namesake of our future creamery. Alise’s parents, Jerry and Linda, milk the cows daily on this family farm, as they have for over 30 years. In fall 2012, their third daughter, Alise, her husband Lucas and newborn daughter, Lucy, moved back to the farm and invented Redhead Creamery – at the time a fictional cheese company. As you’ll hear in the video, it was originally Alise’s dream to get out of milking cows (although she’ll continue doing just that). But now is the time to make her cheese dream a reality.

The cheese plant is our family’s plan to pass the farm on to the next generation. With the funds raised in this Kickstarter campaign, Lucas and Alise, 26 and 27, will actually have their head above water for an otherwise huge loan on the cheese plant (see the video for more details).

Since a young age, “Cheese Alise” spoke of turning the farm’s high quality milk into great-tasting cheese. So, she studied dairy food quality in college but then thought her dream was over when she couldn’t find a job in the field. By chance or fate, Lucas took a job in Vermont that allowed Alise to work for an award-winning cheesemaker and see one of America’s premier artisan cheese states first-hand. The couple relocated to Wisconsin after a couple years and again Alise found herself working for an award-winning cheese company. She also completed her cheesemaking certificate at the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese, and felt ready to go on her own.

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