Darren Doherty’s Regrarians – Permaculture, Holistic Management and Keyline Plowing

Darren Doherty is an Australian farmer who has combined Permaculture, Holistic Management and Keyline plowing into his own style of Agriculture, he calls it “Regrarian”

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About Darren: Darren J. Doherty has extensive experience across the world in project design, development, management & training. A career-long focus on the profitable & regenerative retrofit of broadacre landscapes has seen Darren acclaimed as a pioneer in this important & often overlooked field. Darren is a 5th generation Bendigo farmer, developer, author & trainer and has been involved in the design & development of over 1600, mostly broadacre projects across 5 continents in more than 45 countries, ranging from 1 million hectare cattle stations in Australia’s Kimberly region to 110,000 acre Estancia’s in Patagonia, EcoVillage developments in Tasmania to Public:Private R&D Agroforestry & Education Projects in Viet Nam, Novel AG Machinery development + Family Farms across the globe with a range of private, corporate, government & non-profit clients. A true ‘integrationalist’, Darren has more recently been the originator of the Keyline® Design, Carbon Farming, Carbon Economy & Regenerative Agriculture (along with RegenAG®) course series across Europe, North & South America and Oceania. This wide experience has created an international reputation of achievement plus and enviable & expansive network that integrates many disciplines.  Globally many of Darren’s alumni of over 5500 people are at the cutting edge of the movement towards regenerative agriculture & living systems. Darren is the originator of the Regen10 process which outlines a strategic & logical process to the development of regenerative agricultural systems, central to which is another innovation ‘IntegriPasture’ which provides a integrated framework for multiple species pastoral and localised processing, logistics and marketing. Darren is married to Lisa Heenan & together they have three children, Isaebella (20), Pearl (13) & Zane (11). Darren & Isaebella are both Directors of HeenanDoherty Pty. Ltd, a family biz delivering Consulting, Events, Development, AG Products & multi-award winning Media from the family farm in the Bendigo region of central Victoria, Australia.

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    Great Interview on the things that we should be working towards. Thank you

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