Selling Raw Milk and Marketing His Family Farm with Dennis Stoltzfoos

Dennis Stoltzfoos sells Raw Milk and many other

products through his small family farm.

Dennis Stoltzfoos is a fantastic marketer and he joins us to talk about ways you can improve your marketing skills as a small farmer. He also gives you examples of the benefits of raw milk.

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Learn more about Raw Milk and Dennis’ Family Farm:

Raw Milk

Full Circle Farm

More info from Local Harvest about Dennis’ Raw Milk and Family Farm

We are a small family owned and operated farm producing beef, dairy (, cheese, pork, and eggs etc etc the old fashioned way with a modern twist. No chemicals of any kind including hormones or anti-life (biotics). We go way beyond the federal govments organic standards. Ask for our complete list of goods by e-mail. We also do educational seminars at the farm or at your location and farm consulting to help others get started farming or milking there own cow. We milk Jerseys but are breeding to a double A-2 milking Devon bull. Our goal is to provide the most nutrient dense foods possible. We love visitors, call and we will set an appointment to give you a farm tour.

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The Weston A Price foundation has lots of great info on Raw Milk and Family Farms

Raw Milk

Weston A. Price Foundation

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  • Mike

    is his email @ winstream or windstream ?

    • ChrisStelzer


  • Great podcast! What a nice guy. Very genuine. Would love to hear a podcast on the state requesting he take his site down, which he said was a whole other story…

    • ChrisStelzer

      Thanks Charlotte, you are right, the state forcing him to take down his website is another story, probably a scary one!

  • ChrisStelzer

    Glad you enjoyed it Ron, thanks!