What’s It Like Starting A Farm? with James and Eileen from Little Seed Farm

Are you thinking of starting a farm? James and Eileen

Starting a farm

Little Seed Farm

from Little Seed Farm join me to discuss that process.

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Starting a Farm Info:

Ever wondered what it’s really like to starting a farm from scratch? James and Eileen join me to talk about starting a small

family farm in Tennessee have done just that and they share A LOT with us today. Thank you for being so open.

Little Seed Farm

Starting a farm resource – EQIP Grants – Grants for starting a farm

After one too many years of city living, we came to realize that our true dreams lie in our roots. In early 2012 we moved from life in NYC to our farm in rural Tennessee. Our mission is to provide raw milk farmstead cheeses, organic skincare products, and humanely and sustainably raised meats. As we continue down the road we look forward to sharing our journey and reflecting on what we’ve learned thus far. We hope to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

What we stand for:

  • Raising and serving our community healthy, nutrient-dense food
  • Providing our animals with a natural and humane environment
  • Using nature to guide our animal husbandry practices
  • Seeking methods that limit the use of outside inputs
  • Adopting practices that utilize the full cycle of nature and minimize waste

At Little Seed Farm we will endeavor to create a farming model based on true sustainability, relying on as few inputs as possible. For us that means starting with a seed. We start with grass and forage seeds that evolve into rich pastures. Our cows, goats, pigs and chickens are the beneficiaries, happily grazing down the grass as they are rotationally grazed throughout the year. By-products of our farm are incorporated into the system whenever possible.

Whether it’s through composting or through feeding leftover whey from cheesemaking to the pigs, we seek to minimize waste and pollution. By allowing our animals to graze on open land in the fresh air we believe our alternative farming model can provide the community with healthier food and the knowledge that it was produced humanely and responsibly.

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  • Ant T

    Loved this. Of course I am biased as one of their Aunts! Best part is Chris kept asking them for more information just like all of us do to them whenever they answer the phone or skype us!!

    • Ant T, Thanks for the comments. I’m glad that you enjoyed the interview. James and Eileen were great, very open about their experiences which is all I could ask for.

  • Paddy Reynolds

    It is so encouraging to hear young people chasing their dream. I absolutely believe that feeding the world will become the biggest economic opportunity of this century. I also believe that much of our ill health can be attributed to poor dietry choices. Information technology is educating people who more and more are refusing to eat food that is harmful. So the future is in grassfed beef , raw milk, free range eggs Sold in local markets. How grateful are we to people like Alan Savory, Joel Salatin, Greg Judy, Ian Mitchell.-Inness who stuck to their guns and proved other to be wrong. How grateful are we to Chris Stelzer for his persistence and passion in getting the word out . How grateful arevwe to all those who have given up their time to talk on the podcasts and help us with our decision making. . Thanks Chris. You are a good man.

    • Thanks as always Paddy, glad you enjoyed it!