Rancher Chip Hines on Where We Went Wrong

          Join me today for an interview with Colorado rancher Chip Hines. Today Chip and I discuss livestock genetics, grazing, how people think and Chip’s wonderful books. Chip’s Website Buy Chip’s Books Here   P.S. Please remember you can subscribe to email updates by going here: http://agriculturalinsights.com/subscribe/

Jim Elizondo on Silvopasture, Tropical Milking Cows and Free Choice Minerals


Tropical Milking Cows, Silvopasture and Free Choice Minerals with Jim Elizondo Join me today for an interview with experienced rancher Jim Elizondo. Jim originally raised beef cattle and milked a unique breed of tropical dairy cows on his ranches in Mexico. He now ranches in North Florida. Here are some pictures that will help illustrate …

The Controversial Weaning Weight Debate!

Hey the title rhymes! Weaning weights are something that ranchers and farmers will talk about for hours on end. It’s also a very touchy subject. For those of you who were like me and and still learning about the in’s and out’s of ranching I’d like to define what weaning weights are for you first, …

Cattle Genetics – Testicle Size and Shape


There is a lot of debate about testicle size and shape of a beef bull. Is bigger better? What are the minimum requirements for circumference? How about how they hang? One hangs lower than the other, what does that mean? There is also a lot of research that has gone into testicle size and shape. …