An Interview With Dick Thompson, Founder, Practical Farmers of Iowa

Dick Thompson Co-Founder of Practical Farmers of Iowa Shares His Story           Join me today for an interview with Dick Thompson, who co-foudned  Practical Farmers of Iowa in 1985. Show Notes: Practical Farmers of Iowa – Dick Thompson’s Alternative Agriculture Report –

Curt Pate on Stockmanship

Curt Pate on Cattle Handling and Stockmanship Curt Pate is an expert in handling livestock. Is low stress livestock handling best? How about livestock dogs, what is their role? In this interview Curt provides us with a well-rounded and honest approach to livestock handling. Thank you Curt! Curt’s Website – The books Curt mentioned …

Rancher Chip Hines on Where We Went Wrong

          Join me today for an interview with Colorado rancher Chip Hines. Today Chip and I discuss livestock genetics, grazing, how people think and Chip’s wonderful books. Chip’s Website Buy Chip’s Books Here   P.S. Please remember you can subscribe to email updates by going here: