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If you'll allow me, I would love to send you my brand new 140-page eBook, “The Grazing Book” to expand your knowledge far beyond the Free Mob Grazing eBook that you’ve been enjoying. It picks up right where the free Mob Grazing eBook left off. In fact, It’s packed with almost everything you need to know to improve your grazing management, taught by the best grazing managers in the world. I wrote the Mob Grazing eBook with only a year of experience under my belt. The Grazing Book documents what I learned by doing two more internships, one at a large ranch in Colorado and the other with world famous “Grazing Guru” Ian Mitchell-Innes in South Africa. Ian was one of the first people in the world to adopt Rotational Mob Grazing. He’s been doing it for over 20 years and he’s learned a lot along the way. In the eBook, every concept and principle is broken down, illustrated, and enhanced with color photographs in a variety of circumstances with no details left out. Everything is documented in plain ink and accessible with the swipe of a finger. You'll be using these grazing principles and techniques to take your grazing management to the next level!

  • Learn how grass and other forages grow on page 9
  • Discover how to feed less or no hay on page 73-75
  • Pages 23-29 will teach you how to monitor for animal health and performance (including Ian's tips for success)
  • Physically manage grazing on large or small acreage on page 49-58
  • Effectively using portable electric fencing starts on page 43
  • Understand the difference between Mob Grazing and other grazing styles to clear up any confusion you may have
  • Learn to read the body language of livestock in the "Observation" chapter starting on page 132
  • Livestock supplementation is explained on page 99

While my other written books sell for as high as $77.00, since you’ve already demonstrated how serious you are about your grazing management, I’m going to make you an offer you simply cannot resist.

For only $39, you can get this comprehensive 140-pg eBook sent right to your Email inbox.

My “No Bull” Guarantee: If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with your investment in this eBook, simply e-mail us at support@agriculturalinsights.com and we’ll refund you every cent. It’s that simple.