Farm Bill 2012, Farm Sovereignty and Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance, Farm Bill 2012 and Controversy with

Farm Bill 2012

Farm Bill 2012

Doug Ferguson

Walt Davis






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Farm bill 2012 info:

More can be found on crop insurance and farm bill 2012 at Doug’s site

Doug’s Twitter – @mrcattlemaster

Thanks Doug for discussing the new farm bill and federal crop insurance.

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  • Greg Schwab

    Nice, this guy is spot on. C R P in my country is a mess . In year one it looks ok by year five it is starting to decline and by year ten it is bad. Thatch so thick that no young plants can start , thatch is not litter , litter is in contact with the soil and feeds the soil thatch stops the process . 80% of the farm bill is food stamps not ag. In my county vegetable farmers get the most out of all the programs it is huge . I agree with every thing Doug said . U S D A ‘s mission statement say’s to supply cheap food and fiber for it’s citizen’s ,I think they have done this in spades at the cost of the people and their health. Greg

    • Thanks Greg. There is a lot wrong with the farm bill. The farming practices in this country would change overnight if the farm bill was eliminated. If we really want to change, we need to do that, in my opinion.

      • greg schwab

        I would say you are 100% wright but the consumer will pay at the store. Greg

        • Greg, and if the consumer doesn’t want to pay that at the store when there are cheaper options available what do you think they will choose? Most times the cheaper item. We are in a bind and I think Mark is doing well given the circumstances. Long term, I don’t know what will happen, I don’t think any of us do.

  • Mark Kolb

    Name one segment of the economy that ever FLOURISHED due to government subsidy or price controls. Also, discussing any of this is useless until the political system is analyzed. Where’s the first campaign stop in the PRIMARIES? IOWA! Is that an agricultural state? Last time I checked they grew a bunch of corn in Iowa. Also, note the importance of the fact it’s the PRIMARIES. That’s how you get Republicans (supposedly fiscally ‘responsible’) voting for farmer welfare. Pretty hard to win your party without getting off to a good start. Go back an study Obama’s first win, Iowa made him. Hillary was leading in all polls until Iowa where Obama went ahead and never looked back. Now that farm subsidies have been a way of life for generations, generational farmers are actually a problem. A lot of ask why the respect for farmers in this country has evaporated in the modern era and farm subsidies and basic welfare are a big reason. Lastly, if you or anyone wants to see the economics of the situation in action and the policies that have gotten us here, I recommend the documentary “King Corn”. It follows two young men that are fresh out of college and simply want to plant an acre of corn and it all goes from there. I’d say it should be REQUIRED

    • Mark,

      Again, you always bring up fantastic points, I love seeing you comment on my blog. I don;t like to get political on my blog, but many of these issues are deeply rooted in politics, so we have no choice to address the issues head on. Thank you!

  • Matt

    Great show Chris. I loved hearing Doug speak his mind on these issues. I definitely agree with him. Right now I think the only solution is to live the alternative approach and let that be our argument for better agricultural practices. Keep up the great work. The shows and guests have been really excellent lately.

    • Matt,

      Someone had to say it, I’m thankful Doug has the courage to do so. It was great having him on, thanks for listening!