Urban Beekeeping and Crowdfunding with Canberra Urban Honey

Urban BeekeepingThird Generation Beekeeper Carmen Pearce-Brown joins us to talk about her Urban Beekeeping business and crowdfunding

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Canberra Urban Honey was Australia’s first crowd funded Ag project!

About Canberra Urban Honey:

The Canberra Urban Beekeeping Project is a community project by the “Honey Delight” family in response to the many comments people make to us about the changing bee populations in the city.

You can find more information about the Honey Delight family by clicking  here

The Honey Delight family has  been part of the international effort to highlight the problems bees face for a number of decades, so it is incredibly rewarding to know people now understand the problems. For example, we contribute to the honeybee research program, and have actively participated in a number of research projects to understand honey bee health and their importance in pollination. One area we are most proud of, was our involvement in the early pollination studies for canola, which helped us understand how honeybee pollination increases the oil quality from canola crops.

It is a joy to us to help increase the number of bees in Canberra. We hope this will mean more pollination of backyard fruit trees, vegetable gardens and balcony vegetable pots. Ultimately, it will mean our city is more sustainable.

If all goes well, and this will always depend on the weather – we might have some Canberra Urban Honey to share with you all.

More info on Urban Beekeeping and Crowdfunding:

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  • Gary Fawcett

    Thanks Chris, great interview with Carmen.

    We also get lots of enquires about people wanting bees, but don’t want to look after themselves.

    I must twist her arm to come on our beekeeping podcast.