• Charles Borrego

    I think I was reading your mind on Sunday. Did you get my email I sent on Sunday about Dr. Jimmy LaBaume of Land & Livestock International, Inc? This is right up his alley. Get video Chris.

  • Paddy Reynolds

    Jim Rodgers is a pretty famous Wallstreet Banker, now living in Singapore. He believes, as you do, that agriculture is the great wealth producer of the future. Check the YouTube clip Jim Rogers on commodities, the agriculture boom and perilous times.

  • Shane

    I believe at least in America were going to see a real boom in farming. When the dollar finally gives up the ghost were not going to be importing foods like we do today. I am not sure that I feel the same way about owning land however, it definitely depends on where you live.

    Here on the West Coast the only reason people are able to get $15k-$20k an acre is the artificially low interest rates. This is why I do not care to own as well as the completely lack of land rights here; all the liability none of the rights. If I had tons of money and wanted a safe “passive” place to store wealth I would definitely go with land first then perhaps gold and silver, although I am not much of a fan of the later.

    If I was to invest in real estate again I would find out what the realistic wage in my area is and then estimate what a real fair market interest rate would be when the fed stops printing, I would take a quarter to a third of the average income which is what a typical American pays for housing and the payments on land at a real interest rate and pair them. That will give you the true value of land with out the governments intervention. That is the formula more appropriate for homes on land, vacant agriculture land I would do a similar calculation with a cashflow per acre adjustment.

    I see a lot of different ways that farmers will see a resurgence, and short of a Soviet style government nationalization program no ways we should loose in general.

    • ChrisStelzer

      Shane I think you offer some good advice about your situation. Many times, it makes no sense to own land. You summarized that perfectly. But, I don’t think the fed will ever stop printing at this point. If it does, economic recession will ensue. If they keep printing, the bubble gets bigger and then the result is an even more disastrous mess.