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Grazing Mastery

The 100% online Grazing Mastery course will teach you how to maximize forage growth while increase animal health and fertility. 

  • Works for all environments
  • Cattle, sheep, horses, goats, pigs, chickens
  • Master the most profitable activity on your farm; managing your animal's grazing.

Success Stories

"It was the best training. I've read Judy, Joel Salatin & I've been Jim Gerrish's grazing school, which wasn't cheap. You've put everything into easy to understand English. Thank You!"

Rosemary Vera

“Chris, the course is very informative for beginners and experienced ranchers and those familiar with rotational and mob grazing and electric fence systems. I am always looking for what works for other grazers in the way of designs and products. I have to tell you, you taught an old dog a new trick- ph testing for protein/energy balance. Best new tip I've seen this year. Brilliant! Keep up the good work.”

Sam Washington

“I have yet to attend a conference, event or training with the quality of the Grazing Mastery program. I’ll be a member for life! Thank you.”

Martin Harris

David Jones


I'm  Chris Stelzer

After starting my own ranch in 2010, I soon found myself broke with no land, no livestock and no customers.

I realized that I didn't have all the tools and skills needed to successfully produce and sell my farm/ranch products.

Starting in 2011 I did a year of internships with the world's best grazing managers and those who were wildly successful selling their farm products directly to consumers. I've worked for Greg Judy, The James Ranch and Ian Mitchell-Innes in South Africa.

Since then I've created several courses that show you how to grow 100% more forage for your livestock (Grazing Mastery Program), and how to skyrocket the growth of your farm/ranch sales (Farm Marketing Mastery).

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