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Preface: I learned almost everything I know about ranching from Greg Judy and Ian Mitchell-Innes. Many of the things you see on this website are due to both Greg and Ian’s hard work and dedication. I happened to be lucky enough that they shared those things with me. Thank you Greg and Ian!!

Agricultural Insights is a blog dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture around the world. We are reminded daily about how agriculture has a negative impact on people, communities, animals and the planet as a whole. My mission is simple; to change that negative energy into positive, real world solutions that will benefit mankind and all the inhabitants of earth for generations to come.

I’m Chris Stelzer. I was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado; city boy turned rancher. My aspiration is to one day own and run a sustainable cattle operation. In order to achieve my goals I have spent the past year learning from the trailblazers of sustainable ranching. I have been fortunate enough to intern with Greg Judy at Green Pastures Farm in Clark, Missouri, The James Family of the James Ranch in Durango, Colorado, and world famous grazing guru Ian Mitchell-Innes in South Africa.
For more detailed information please visit my personal website here.