Another Option For Attaching Portable Fencing Reels To An ATV 

Jaime Elizondo of Florida sent me these pictures of how he attaches portable fencing reels to his ATV for putting up and taking down portable electric fence. I really like the design as the portable reel is within reach while you are driving the ATV and putting up fence. It also makes a lot of sense to have the reel in front of you so you can step off the 4 wheel and put a step-in post in the ground without having to walk to the back of the ATV and then jump back on. Check it out.

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Another nice feature of this setup is the fact that you can move a water tank or other big object on the front of the ATV, and there is room on the back.

atv reel and posts holder

Additionally the setup looks like it’s very cheap to build and parts can be replaced as they wear out like the wood. This is really nice!

I you all enjoy these pictures and it makes you upcoming spring, summer and fall grazing a little more easy to manage by having a more efficient way to put up portable electric fence.

Jim also told me, “to put friction on the reel I use a bungee cord from the square tubing to the rim of the reel so it will stop spinning when the ATV stops”

Thanks for sharing the pictures Jim!


Chris Stelzer

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Chris Stelzer

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