Episode -027- Greg Schwab on Building High Tensile Electric Fence 

Greg Schwab is an expert in fence building. He’s been building fence since 1982. He was one of the first people to commercially build high tensile electric fence in Colorado. Join us today for a valuable discussion on things you should know before building a barbed wire or high tensile electric fence.


Show Notes

  • How long have you been building fence Greg?
  • What are your recommendations for perimeter fencing?
  • What is high-tensile fence? What are the pro’s and con’s VS barbed wire fence?
  • What are your recommendations for interior fencing? Depends on your soil type.
  • What is “grounding” and why is it important? Does everyone need a “ground wire”?
  • How to ground your electric fencing system
  • What are your recommendations for corner post assemblies? H-Braces, Floating brace or something else?
  • What are your recommendations for line posts? Interior and exterior?
  • Reverse polarity fence chargers only require one ground rod!
  • Stafix fence chargers sold by Powerflex

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Chris Stelzer

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Chris Stelzer

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