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Farm Marketing Mastery

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Farm Marketing

1. Direct Marketing Grassfed Beef with Glen Elzinga of Alderspring Ranch

How do you market your farm products? Glenn Elzinga of Alderspring Ranch uses a combination of internet sales and local farmers markets. He also ships his products nationwide with UPS. This is some powerful marketing information!

2. Permaculture and Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard

Permaculture and wholesale marketing? Mark Shepard shares how he manages his permaculture farm in Wisconsin in addition to how he markets his products.

3. Farm Credit and Bud Williams Marketing with Mark Hazard

Mark Hazard is a former banker and currently a rancher. When he talks about agribusiness and money, we should listen. In this interview Mark shares how he markets cattle and what you need to do to secure a farm or livestock loan.

4. Grahame Rees on Sell/Buy or Bud Williams Marketing

Sell buy or Bud Williams Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money in ranching. It also puts the power of profit in your own hands and lets you take control of your income. This is one of the best interviews we’ve ever done.

5. Cody Holmes on Ranching Full-Time on 3 Hours A Day, Marketing and Internships

Ranching full time on 3 hours a day. Missouri rancher Cody Holmes does just that! He also has some great marketing strategies that helped grow his business, Real Farm Foods significantly. He also sells his farm products online.


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Grazing Management

1. Australian Graeme Hand Has A Different Philosophy on Grazing Management

I invited Graeme Hand to talk about his philosophy of grazing management. Yes, high density grazing plays a role in management, but according to Graeme, not as much as you think. So what are his recommendations? Tune in to find out.

2. Dick Richardson on Why You Need to Reconsider High Density Grazing

Dick has ranched on two different continents. Much like Graeme Hand, he has some unique ideas about grazing management. During this interview, Dick makes strong arguments on why you need to reconsider how much and how often you use high density grazing.

3. Livestock Genetics and High Density Grazing with Johan Zietsman

High Density Grazing and Livestock genetics go hand-in-hand according to renowned expert Johan Zietsman. He argues that with proper genetic selection, frequent high density grazing is not only possible, but profitable.

4. Holistic Management Educator Kirk Gadzia Shares 25 Years of Experience

What has Kirk Gadzia learned in teaching Holistic Management for 25+ years? A lot! Kirk Joins us to talk about his experiences and how to increase farm and ranch profitability, improve your quality of life and increase biodiversity, among many other topics in this fantastic interview.

5. Dairy Grazing Apprenticeships with Joe Tomandl

Interested in dairy grazing or starting a herd of 100% grass fed cows? An apprenticeship might be the way to go. Joe Tomandl introduces us to the first fully accredited farm internship program, The Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship.

6. Changing Paradigms: John King New Zealand Holistic Management Facilitator

How do you make the transition from a conventional farming or ranching operation to a sustainable, organic or ecological one? John King teaches Holistic Management in Australia and New Zealand and provides us with a new way of looking at earning a living from the land.




[wptabtitle] Starting a Farm[/wptabtitle]


Starting A Farm

1. What’s It Like To Start A Farm? With Eileen and James from Little Seed Farm

How do you start a farm? James was in finance in New York City. Eileen was in the fashion industry. They decided to take the leap and started a small diversified farm in Tennessee. This transition can be harder than running the business itself and James and Eileen share their experiences with us.

2. Kickstarting Truck and Barter Farms with Rob Hohne

How do you get money to start a farm? Rob Hohne from New Orleans, LA started his urban farm using Kickstarter. He joins us to talk about his farm startup experiences.

3. What Do You Need To Start Ranching or Grazing?

I list the tools you will need to keep your farm or ranch running in tip top shape.

4. Writing a Farm Business Plan with Justin Stray

Getting funding for a farm or ranch can come in many forms. Justin Stray chose to get a loan. He shares the process of writing a farm or ranch business plan with us. He also shares his final business plan.

5. Getting Into the Ranching Profession with Eric Sauerhagen

How do you get started in ranching? Eric Sauerhagen has opted to skip internships and dive right in.

6. Beginning Women Farmers with Ann Adams From Holistic Management International

The Beginning Women Farmers program started by Holistic Management International provides formal training and mentorship for Women across the United States. It also teaches them about grazing management, farm marketing and starting a farm.