Episode -024- Where Should You Rent Land for Ranching or Permaculture? 

Where Should You Rent Land for Farming or Ranching? This is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself before moving forward with leasing land. Join me today for insight into my personal experiences leasing land, and where you should lease land in order to be successful.


Show Notes

  • My experience with leasing land
  • Get a written contract!!!!
  • 1 hour from major metropolitan area is best
  • What type of Agriculture is being done there? Corn = bad, you can’t compete
  • Hilly land is good for grazing and there is little competition from crop farmers
  • Permaculture is tricky when leasing land, more of a long-term thing?

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Chris Stelzer

Chris Stelzer is a published Author, founder of Agricultural Insights and creator of many resources that help family farmers and ranchers grow their businesses. His flagship courses are the Grazing Mastery Program and The Farm Marketing Mastery Program. 

Chris Stelzer

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